Leather Folios hold eight 4x6 photographs and come in two styles.

Eight vertical pictures (left photo) or two horizontal and six vertical (right photo).

​Priced at $22.00 each, plus the cost of the photos.


Invitations are 4x6 one sided prints, custom made for you, from a variety of templates. 

They are $.80 each and come with an envelope. 

Contact us for a PDF containing style and examples. 

​                       Spiral Bound Proof Books

Proof Books are 4x6 inches in size and are available in 24 or 40 proofs to a book.

You pick out your favorite pictures, and a cover photo. The cover and back are thick cardboard stock.

Proof Books are $50.00 for 24 prints and $75.00 for 40 prints.