About me

Hi. I'm Bob Brodbeck, better known as Photo Bob to the Edsel students

I've been a professional photographer for over twenty five years. I have worked for newspapers, wire services (Associated Press, UPI) and AAA Michigan, including Michigan Living Magazine. 

I am now having the greatest time photographing High School sports, and especially senior pictures.


I have a home- based studio in Dearborn

where I do my indoor portraits.

We offer both indoor and outdoor settings. There are several outdoor locations from which you may choose.

I have many favorite places, but I am always open to new locations in the Metro area.

Sessions last from 2-3 hours for girls depending on where we go. Girls bring whatever outfits you want and we will do as many as we can.  Don't forget your sports, music or other props.

The sessions are usually shorter for the guys, 1-2 hours. Remember guys, it is whatever Mom wants.


Your proofs are viewed on line and are password protected.

Order by contacting me directly, by email or phone.

​There is no time limit as to when you order. Order when you are ready.  I'm easy.